Terms and conditions


General features:

1. The following conditions will be applied to all orders placed by you (hereinafter ̈Customer ̈)

through our websites www.idogel.es, www.idogel.com and www.idogel.co.uk.

2. All personal data and information provided by the Client to benefit from the services offered

by IDOGEL will be processed in accordance with current law and the terms and conditions

established in the Privacy Policy and Cookie files.

3. When using IDOGEL and/or placing an order, the customer accepts the content of the

following terms and undertakes to comply with them according to the conditions established in

the content ( ̈Terms ̈) Please make sure you have read and understood the Terms before placing

your order.

4. Through IDOGEL, orders can be made exclusively by people who are at least 18 years old,

with a postal address and delivery address corresponding to an international and national


5. At IDOGEL we do not guarantee that all products or services are available at any time. We

reserve the right to discontinue the continuity of a product at any time.

6. IDOGEL tries to offer the best service in our online store, we strive to ensure that our service

is at a very high level. Each Client must agree not to take the following actions:

– You must not publish, transmit, redistribute, upload or promote any communication or content

that may negatively affect our activities, services or products.

– You must not act in a way that restricts, harms, interferes with or limits any other user’s

enjoyment of www.idogel.es www.idogel.com www.idogel.co.uk or that affects the security of the


– We reserve the right of access to the site and may close the account of any registered user

who violates this clause or any other provision of the terms and conditions of this website.


1. Each client using IDOGEL can create a Client account for free by completing the registration


2. The Client can receive all the necessary information and consult the “privacy and cookies


3. In case a Customer account has been established, an account management contract is also

concluded with the Seller. The content of this agreement establishes the Terms.

4. Registration is voluntary and does not imply placing an order by IDOGEL.

5. When the registration is done, the Seller will send to the email address

provided by the Client, the confirmation of the opening of the contract on the management of an

IDOGEL account.

6. At the end of the opening of the contract, the Client will obtain access to his account, where

the orders placed may be visible and he will have access to all his data provided to the Seller.


1. The prices of IDOGEL products include the mandatory value added tax (VAT)

2. The seller reserves the right to change the prices of the products that are in the offer.

3. The change in product prices will not apply in any case to orders that have already been

placed. The prices indicated on the Web www.idogel.es www.idogel.com www.idogel.co.uk do

not include delivery costs, these will be indicated separately, in the last stage of placing the

order and will be added to the value of the entire order. It will depend on the place of delivery.

4. Delivery costs for orders depend on a) the place of delivery of the order b) the total amount of

the order c) the weight of the package.

5. Seller provides customers with delivery methods that suit their convenience.

6. The costs of the delivery methods will be determined during the purchase process. If we are

unable to deliver a complete order and need to make more than one delivery, additional costs

for such subsequent deliveries will not be borne.


1. Orders are only facilitated through the IDOGEL website.

2. In order to order the products offered by the Seller to the Customer, they are obliged to

perform the following steps: log in to the Customer’s account, select the products and add them

to the virtual basket through the online store , complete the order form, choose a delivery

method among those proposed by the Seller and finalize the order.

3. To finalize the order, the Customer will be directed to a page where payment is allowed,

depending on the chosen payment method.

4. After making the payment, the order will be placed.

5. Upon completion of all the above steps, the order will be confirmed by email, to the email

address provided by the Customer.

6. The Client will be informed as soon as possible if for any reason the requested order cannot

be carried out.

7. If in such a situation the Customer has already paid for the order, it will be refunded.

immediately the full payment in the same method in which the payment was made.

8. IDOGEL also allows you to order as a guest without having to register. In this case, the Seller

will demand to provide the personal data necessary to be able to deliver the ordered products.

9. Despite having placed an order as a Guest, there may be a registration as a Customer or

continue to be a Guest.


1. The seller provides these following forms of payment for the ordered products to customers:


2. The payment information can be inserted at the time of placing the order, when using a valid

credit or debit card. The corresponding amount will be reserved on the card, it will not be

deducted until the products are shipped and received by the Client.

3. The Seller reserves the right to verify the validity of the card with which the payment is made,

your credit status due to the value of the order and the accuracy of the information on the

buyer’s address. Depending on the results of the verification, some of the orders may be


4. When making payments using the PayPal method, the seller reserves the effect of verifying

the validity of the PayPal account, verifying that the funds are available and sufficient to accept

the value of the order and also verify the buyer’s billing address. The amount will be immediately

reserved in the PayPal account but will not be deducted until the item is shipped from the


5. Along with the order, the customer will receive a document confirming the purchase of

products and an invoice with VAT, if the customer requests it in accordance with the applicable



1. The IDOGEL team strives to deliver the orders according to the content of the contract, to the

address provided by the customer. The Seller makes the sale with the utmost diligence when

receiving and placing orders.

2. The Seller will execute the orders, as best as possible, with the greatest diligence and


3. Our domestic orders will be delivered within 3 to 4 calendar days after the Customer has

placed and paid for the order.

4. Our international orders will be delivered within 7 to 15 calendar days after the Customer has

placed and paid for the order.

5. In the event that the order cannot be delivered within the aforementioned period for reasons

beyond the Seller’s control, the Customer will be informed of the impossibility of delivery of the

order, may indicate a new delivery date for the order or facilitate the termination of the order,

according to the Client’s wish.

6. In case of cancellation of the order, the payments made will be refunded, according to the

way in which the Customer made the payment. But the shipping costs will not be reimbursed.

Products must be in the same condition in which they were received. Orders can be delivered

from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

7. When placing the order, the Customer will receive a confirmation message and the expected

delivery date of the products to the email that they provided.

8. The purpose of these terms is to understand that the order is delivered when the Client or

another person authorized by him acquires possession of the products by confirming receipt of

the shipment from the courier company.

9. The Seller will send the PDF electronic invoice via email to the address given in the order.

There are more options to receive the invoice, the Client will select it at the time of filling in data

for the order shipment.


1. In the event that the order is not picked up by the Client, the shipment will be returned to


2. The Customer shall have the right to request a reshipment of the ordered products. The

Customer will be obliged to send you information about the agreed date of reshipment and pay

for it.

3. In the event that the Seller does not receive contact from the Client within a period of 14

calendar days from the moment in which he sent a message informing him of the non-receipt of

the package, the Seller considers that the contract has been terminated. In this situation, the

Customer will be reimbursed for the payments received, not including delivery costs, without

undue delay, at the latest within 14 days from the date on which the contract is considered to

have been terminated.


1.The Client may withdraw from the contract without giving any reason or justifying his decision.

2. They have a maximum period of 14 calendar days to withdraw from the contract.

3. In the event that the Client wants to withdraw from the contract, he will be obliged to inform

the Seller about the termination of the contract. The email address is [email protected]


1. In order to meet the above deadline, it is sufficient that the Client sends the information about

the intention to withdraw from the contract before the deadline of 14 days.

2. To ensure the accuracy of the Contract withdrawal statement, the Client may use the

prepared model withdrawal form, which constitutes an attachment to these terms.

3. After sending information about the withdrawal from the contract, the Customer is obliged to

immediately return the ordered products to the Seller, within a maximum period of 14 days from

the date of sending the declaration of withdrawal from the contract. The product must be sent to

the address. Calle At n 1 Bungalow 40 Cabo de Huertas Alicante 03540.

4. As a result of the withdrawal from the Contract, the Seller will refund the total amount of the

order, but without the costs of delivery of the ordered products.

5. The Seller is not obligated to reimburse the shipping costs incurred by the Customer, which

exceed the cheapest shipping method available to the Seller.

6. The refund will be made within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date of

receipt of the returned product or the confirmation of its return.

7. The refund will be made through the same payment method that the Customer used to pay

for the order, unless the Customer has clearly indicated a different method of refund. The

customer will not bear any cost of returning the payment.

8. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the Customer is responsible to the Seller for reducing

the value of the returned products, as a result of the exceeded use of the products, of the use

necessary to determine the characteristics and properties of the products.

The customer is required to diligently protect the returned product so that the shipment reaches

the seller intact. The cost of returning the product will be paid by the customer.

9. The right of withdrawal from the contract does not apply to products that are sealed for health

or hygiene reasons that have been unsealed by the Customer after delivery.


1. Unless otherwise stated in the Terms or in the Law, we do not assume any

responsibility for the following losses regardless of their – Loss of income or sales

– Loss of activity

– Loss of profits or loss of contractors

– Loss of anticipated savings

– Data loss

– Loss of management time or office hours


2. The responsibility of the Seller with the Client is exclusively limited to the purchase price of

the IDOGEL products.


1. If the Client finds any physical defect in any of the ordered products or defects related to the

realization of the purchase agreement of the IDOGEL product, the Client has the right to file a

claim with the company.

2. In the event of any defect, Seller must comply with all applicable warranty regulations.

3. If there is any claim regarding obvious physical or legal defects of the product, including

damage that may have been caused during transport, the Customer must immediately inform

the Seller about it, must return the products immediately together with a return form full.



1. The claim can be presented in any way (in writing or electronically) by sending a statement of

claim to the address of the Seller’s headquarters or to the email address: [email protected]

2. In case of any problem with the Seller’s product purchased through the website

www.idogel.es www.idogel.com www.idogel.co.uk and in case the Seller does not accept the

claim presented by the Buyer .


We do everything possible so that the properties of our products are presented with the utmost

diligence, including their composition and colors. The color you will see will depend on your

computer, so you cannot guarantee that your computer will display these colors as accurately as

they can be manipulated.


1. All intellectual property rights, as well as trademarks or copyrights found on www.idogel.es

www.idogel.com www.idogel.co.uk belong exclusively to IDOGEL.

2. The use of all or part of the content of our website, including the reproduction or storage for

non-personal and non-commercial purposes, without the prior authorization of IDOGEL, is


3. Customer may use these materials only in the manner established by Seller.

4. The foregoing does not limit the right to use IDOGEL to make a purchase contract, copy

order information and contact data to the Seller.


1. The present content of the terms is valid from the day INAUGURATION DAY

2. The Seller reserves the right to modify these Terms.

3. In case of modifications, the new wording of the terms will not apply to orders placed after the

date of entry into force of the modified terms.

4. The Seller is obliged to inform the Clients about the modifications of the new terms in

IDOGEL, at least 7 days before the entry into expected force of these.

5. The Client who does not accept the modified terms, is obliged to inform the Seller, by means

of an email, at the following address: [email protected].

6. After receiving such message, the account agreement will end on the day the modified terms

come into effect and therefore the Seller will delete the Customer’s account.


The use of IDOGEL and the conclusion of the purchase contract during IDOGEL are governed

by Spanish law.

All conflicts. That may arise between the seller and the client will be resolved by competent

courts in Spain.


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